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I'm starting to use this thing more. But mostly to fangirl and rant. However, I intend to keep it mostly friend's locked.

I used to keep an online diary that can still be found
HERE, on D-land.  But I'm not using that one anymore.

I have just discovered the importance of keeping all my figure manuals in one, easily reachable place.

Now if only I could remember where I stored Ikki and Mu's instruction sheets. But they are those late 80s figures, so putting their Cloth on is pretty much straightforward.

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Dear Blackie:

Now that Taiga has been paid for, and there's no news of which Ryuki figure will come after Genocider in December, no more Japanese Toku action figure buying, until the end of the year or until Bandai/Tamashii Nations decides to announce Den-O Wing Form or Chalice. Whichever comes first.


P.S. Unless HLJ have another Figuarts sale and Cure Sunshine is there.

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With Minmay all packed up and ready for her trip across the pond to Madrid and Lambo just waiting for my sister-in-law to pick him up (or I go to their place, whichever comes first), I am now free to work those two long pending personal projects: Grand Admiral Thrawn and Leo, the vampire, before I can add more into the WIP list.

Three if I count Quetzalcoatl, but that guy just isn't cooperating, so I have temporarily given up on him.

I am going to make Chalice, though I don't want to use black for his base body, even though his body suit IS black. I want to use dark gray... maybe I can get away with it. But I have to get at least Leo out of the way first.

Speaking of Leo, I missed last thursday episode of Split. Not that it actually affects since each episode is only half an hour long and each thursday they air the previous week episode, followed by the new one. Such an amusing little series from across the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranian Sea, chock-full of Israeli cultural quirks, despite the producers wanting to give it an international feel. I should talk about that one some other day.

Meh. Don't want to go to work...

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Saint Seiya Omega ep 19. Spent more than half of the episode wondering whether Ryuho had been conceived before or after Shiryu lost his senses... which is probably not a good sign.

*Now Blackie wants a Haruto S.H.Figuarts*

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Kamen Rider Skyrider ep 3: Allow me to assume that the child Satoru in this episode is the same Satoru Tojo in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

It actually makes a nice back story for Satoru in PersonalHeadCanon a.k.a. InnerTokuWorld, and would explain how he grew up to become the emotionally unstable sociopath with a twisted hero complex that took the Taiga Rider deck. 

To hell with the age discrepancy that comes from the fact that Skyrider ran from 1979 to 1980 and Ryuki from 2002 to 2003. This is InnerTokuWorld we're talking about. 

After all the details that I ended up working into my brother's Plushie Master Chief, why am I shying away from making a Kamen Rider Chalice plushie for myself?

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P.S. I curse whomever thought it was a good idea to put a hard-to-read captcha on the tax return verification website...

I used to wonder what a quake would feel like on the 5th floor. Not anymore.

At 5:45 p.m. there was a 5.6 quake, felt in several parts of the country. Not really a big one, simply because of the way we are used to them.

At the time of the quake, we were only four agents on the 5th floor, 2 team managers and the account manager. The four of us had a call and we somehow managed to keep calm while explaining dental coverage to the caller. Funny, actually.

Coming home, the only figures that toppled were the Dancing Ninja Quartet, Clawdeen, Toralei and the Lego samurai on my CPU. Once again, Zolda proved to be quite the balanced figure, even when posing sideways while holding his BFG with both hands.

I don't really want to know what a big one will feel like on the 5th floor...

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Neighborhood security guard #1 sees terrapin being hit by a car, someone tell him that we have terrapins in our backyard (probably the old guy that everyone hires to help with gardening) and brings it to us.

Next day

Neighborhood guard #2 comes to our house and says "I heard you ladies take good care of these guys, and I found this one being tumbled by a water current from the recent storm." and gives us another terrapin.

So now we have 6 adults and the three babies born here.

We tried. We really tried. But we can longer avoid naming the new terrapins after Ninja Turtles...

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