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Chicome-Calli Xiuhquetzal
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Chicome-Calli Xiuhquetzal [userpic]

With Minmay all packed up and ready for her trip across the pond to Madrid and Lambo just waiting for my sister-in-law to pick him up (or I go to their place, whichever comes first), I am now free to work those two long pending personal projects: Grand Admiral Thrawn and Leo, the vampire, before I can add more into the WIP list.

Three if I count Quetzalcoatl, but that guy just isn't cooperating, so I have temporarily given up on him.

I am going to make Chalice, though I don't want to use black for his base body, even though his body suit IS black. I want to use dark gray... maybe I can get away with it. But I have to get at least Leo out of the way first.

Speaking of Leo, I missed last thursday episode of Split. Not that it actually affects since each episode is only half an hour long and each thursday they air the previous week episode, followed by the new one. Such an amusing little series from across the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranian Sea, chock-full of Israeli cultural quirks, despite the producers wanting to give it an international feel. I should talk about that one some other day.

Meh. Don't want to go to work...

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