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Chicome-Calli Xiuhquetzal
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Chicome-Calli Xiuhquetzal [userpic]

I have just discovered the importance of keeping all my figure manuals in one, easily reachable place.

Now if only I could remember where I stored Ikki and Mu's instruction sheets. But they are those late 80s figures, so putting their Cloth on is pretty much straightforward.

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Yeah... I have a bin of Transformers instruction sheets and ohgods, trying to find whatever ones I'm looking for? Nope.

Randomly, did you happen to see that I finished Elijah and Veia's chapter?

I don't have so many sheets yet, but it sure beats climbing on a flimsy aluminum stepladder trying to reach a figure box that's at the very top of my wardrobe.

Ooh! More Elijah and Veia!! Thank you!!

Someday I'll get my collections in order and it'll be glorious.

Thoughts, if you've gotten the chapter read? There are definitely parts that were surprising. ^_^;;