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It's that time of the year when the city has it's patron saint celebrations. It's a three day national holiday, with one working day in between, and people usually take the middle day off as well. This year it ended up happening during the weekend.

Not that I get the days off since the call center I work in goes by US holidays, but I digress. It's double pay at least.

This is also the weekend of the Yume no Saiten anime convention. I didn't go today because I ended up working on that long-owed MinMei plushie. I though I had the pink beads for her buns, and I forgot to buy the yarn for her braids... just my luck to remember both things when most stores are closed...

I do plan to go tomorrow. For what reason, I don't know. Every year it's the same stands selling cheap pirated figures, and things printed with fanart stolen from DA and Pixiv, even though everyone knows the Japanese ambassador always pays a visit to the event. 

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Maybe now, that I've finished watching Kamen Rider 555 and Blade, with their bittersweet endings, the ShipBunnies and InnerTokuWorld will stop distracting me long enough to actually work on the pending plushies.

Thankfully, Blade's movie is an AU/alternate ending, so I can ignore it for the time being.

(and I did say that I would finish my Hetamerica plushie before September ended, I just never stated of which year...)

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Allow me a little bit of bragging for today...

I was interviewed for the Postcrossing Spotlight ^-^

Which will probably increase the amount of unwanted private swap requests, but, oh well, such is the price.

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This time we took our brother and his wife as a birthday gift for my brother.

Tembo in his sleeping pen, looking all handsome

Guide in hippo habitat: "We are waiting for confirmation on whether Chata, the hippo, is pregnant or not. We're hoping she is."

Guide in white tiger habitat "Tily (Papo's regular colored tiger partner) has been taken to another pen out of public view. She's pregnant and we're expecting the litter on September."

Sister-in-law's friend who works in FURESA's administration: "We're expanding some of the habitats and making some new ones, because we're working on having more local fauna. Hopefully, the ocelot and the jaguarundi will be in their new homes by october."

I don't know if I'm more excited about the ocelot and jaguarindi or about tiger and hippo babies... or both.

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I'm loving this place. I don't mind the price tag (all money goes to maintenance and care of the animals) and the gas used to get there. I think I'm going to become a frequent visitor.

Because... ocelots!


I wish I had the both the money and skills (but mostly the money to buy practice kits and stuff) to turn a Figma into a Virsago Tajador Combo MS Girl

P.S. I know the official romanization is TajadoL, but I refuse to use it, because the name of the Combo comes from a combination of Ankh's three base birds: TAka (hawk), kuJAku (peafowl) and conDOR.

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Dear World: Can I get a one way ticket to Mars as part of the initial crew?

I´d like to get off the country before it really does become part of Chavez´s Union of Bolivarian Socialist Republics.

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Ended up spending the whole morning at Customs, but my MS Girl is now posing pretty on my Gundam manga shelf.

Photos on my Figure.fm account

The GP-03 Stamen is the next in line, but I want to see what other mobile suits they make. 

A Mk II Titans ver would be nice... or an Astray (but the Astray is just wistful thinking, I know).

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My neighborhood is home to a flock of native white-tipped doves and the occasional feral rock pigeon (those get more common the closer you get to the older part of the city).

And then, there's that lone band tailed-pigeon that I've been seeing quite often for the past 7-8 years. 

Because of it's yellow beak and legs, I used to think it was a different type of bird. And I was only able to identify it this weekend (with a little help of the web, that is).

From what I've read, it's a flock bird. So it really makes me wonder why it's all alone in here. Unless it was adopted by the local white-tipped flock. They don't seem to mind at all when it sits among them.


I need a good book on the Mossad.

Not one of those blaming them for every evil in the world. An objective one. One that gives equal treatment to it's triumphs and blunders.

Efraim Halevy's book looks like a good candidate.

Heck... I also need a book on the Shabak, now that I think of it.

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How come I didn't notice before?

Emoto is Otome spelled backwards!!

Virgo's identity has been there the whole time!!

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